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Latest News:

The "Relentless" John Atlas is officially back in the ring ! 

John Atlas officially returned to the ring on May 31 as promised, and although he wasn't victorious against Channing Decker, he did make a big announcement. John officially retired 'The Playboy' character and announced he was to start a new journey as the "Relentless" John Atlas. Although "The Playboy" was a much-loved character, John feels his real life journey is a bigger, better and more inspirational story. He hopes to continue to tell his story of his relentless attitude and to be a role model to his young fans. 

John Atlas: Cancer Update  

Late last summer, John was diagnosed with Stage III Testicular Cancer during a regular check-up. It was a shock to him, his family, friends and fans. John went through an emergency surgery to remove an initial 10cm tumor, but the cancer had spread to his lungs. 

In the fall and into winter, John endured 3 rounds of chemotherapy, which was very exhausting and mentally draining. However, John was occasionally able to get into the ring and do what he does best. The chemotherapy was successful, but it wasn't able to get rid of the tumors that had grown in his lungs.

In early 2018, John had his first lung surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor on his left lung, amongst many smaller ones. Doctors worked for over 6 hours to ensure they removed any sign of other tumors, including some of the lower left lobe of his lung. In April 2018, John had his second surgery on his right lung, which was another lengthy surgery. At 4 hours in length, doctors removed 17 tumors from his right side. In total, there were 43 tumors/nodules removed from both lungs. 


John Atlas thanks everyone for all of the kind words, well wishes, cards and emails he has gotten over the past few months, and has this message:


"Cancer is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life, and I wouldn't be who I am today without the support of my family, friends and fans. It's been a whirlwind of activity, but I'm so happy to still be able to do what I love and get into the ring, as my diagnosis could have been much worse. 

One of the most profound things that have happened during this time, is how many people have shared stories with me about how illness has affected them or someone they love. I feel so honoured to hear that I've inspired someone with my story, or that watching me get through it has somehow been helpful."

Thankfully, John is doing well and headed towards a full recovery. As a proud cancer survivor, John is returning to the ring on May 31 - check out his events page to find out where you can see him live! 


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